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Experts in UK & International Timeshare Contract Dispute Resolution & Release

There are an estimated 650,000 Timeshare owners or "Holiday Points Scheme" members in the UK and many now find themselves stuck with long-term contracts, paying extortionate annual fees and frustrated by lack of availability.

Do you have any of the following concerns?

  • Is your timeshare your timeshare now a burden with no resale value?
  • Never get the dates or resorts you want?
  • Cannot surrender your contract?
  • Tired of paying High Maintenance Fees?  
  • Locked in for generations to come?
  • Contract not fully explained and mis-sold?

The RCI Action Group has been formed by members of the RCI Europe exchange programme, past and present, who allege that the manner in which RCI manage the timeshare exchange operated by them means that they are unable to secure exchange weeks to which they are entitled. This is the practice referred to as “skimming”. The objective is to seek recompense for any losses suffered. In order to qualify, you have to be or have been a member of the RCI exchange programme who has suffered loss as a result of the RCI practice of “skimming”.



The Genuine Legal Solution To Reclaim Money Paid For Miss-Sold Timeshare

You have rights and if they have been breached you can claim now!

A Directive was passed into law in Spain on 16th December 1998. If you purchased Timeshare in Spain after that date you may have a valid claim.

The Law is on your side, you may be able to get all of your money back and more!

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Here at Information Advice Bureau our aim is to source information from all timeshare owners, collecting their experiences within the timeshare industry, whether those experiences have been good or bad.   We then help guide them to various companies who are experienced in dealing with the complaints generated in certain areas of the timeshare industry.  Below are some of the successful companies being used for the claims and relinquishment of timeshares worldwide.  In particular one of these companies have already been successful in releasing more than 3,200 people from their unwanted timeshares.

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